Can a virus also affect your hardware?

Answer Absolutely.One answer tells of a virus that took over the floppy drive,causing it to "read" a floppy as fast as the motor wouldmove the head back and forth. It is possible to tell themotor to drive... Read More »

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Can virus destroy hardwarewhat will be the performance of your hardware if it is infected?

Nitz if your scared that you have a virus install a virus scanner like Nortan, or McAfee, or Trend Micro PC-cillion. i have all three and they will all alert me at the same time if i have one, ive ... Read More »

Can the herpes virus affect your throat?

It is possible that the herpes virus can affect your throat.

Anyone know a free really good anti-virus scan that will also help remove the virus?

you should try malwarebytes and look for a serial on youtube this is a really good anti virus

Can anybody reccomend the best free anti-virus software, also the best virus removing tool thankyou?

avg, professional software and totally free!ps. the person who said "Remember they are FREE , they do not have enough money for top notch people to find solutions for thousand of new viruses appear... Read More »