Can a virus also affect your hardware?

Answer Absolutely.One answer tells of a virus that took over the floppy drive,causing it to "read" a floppy as fast as the motor wouldmove the head back and forth. It is possible to tell themotor to drive... Read More »

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Can any virus damage the computer hardware?

There are some viruses that can plant themselves between the sectors of the formats of your hard drive. High level formats will not fix this as the virus will still be there. One known fix is a low... Read More »


This may not be the answer if you have a laptop i can.t help.A tower open the case and check your hard drive wiring, make sure the plugs are tight and installed right.There are 2 make sure one is m... Read More »

I have a laptop whats the best hardware to stop virus?

hardware doesn't stop viruses. if you have a router it can stop hackers from hacking you and sending viruses but its still possible to get viruses. get anti virus software like mcaffee. if you have... Read More »

Can virus destroy hardwarewhat will be the performance of your hardware if it is infected?

Nitz if your scared that you have a virus install a virus scanner like Nortan, or McAfee, or Trend Micro PC-cillion. i have all three and they will all alert me at the same time if i have one, ive ... Read More »