Can a virus actually fry a motherboard.....?

Answer Yes, a virus can open the current to fry the motherboard....They can infect the BIOS, destroy a hard drive....These types of destructive viruses are not seen as often as a virus that infects files,... Read More »

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How do I clear a Trojan virus from a motherboard?

Security ProgramChoose an antivirus program. Different security programs come with different features. Select a program that will sift through your computer for potential Trojan infections. Install... Read More »

What 810E motherboard is compatible with an Intel class motherboard?

The 810 chipset is made by Intel, making every 810 and 810E motherboard an Intel-class board. This chipset supports a range of Pentium III and Celeron processors with such features as embedded aud... Read More »

What kind of virus shows up as a virus scanner that has detected a virus? is classified as a rogue. Info here to remove it.

How to remove Sality virus, I already formatted my pc and still the virus is here, I got the virus from usb?

Try the following:1. turn off system restore2. save free flash disinfector by sUBs to your desktop:…3. run free flash disinfector (it will tell you when to... Read More »