Can a virgin still take a pregnancy test?

Answer yes.. physically a virgin can still take pg test. itd be pointless though..

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Since it is possible to be pregnant and still have regular periods if you take a home pregnancy test will the test come back positive or will it be negative because your body is still having its menstrual cycle?

Answer Regardless of menstruating or not your body will still have the hormones for a positive test.

If you take a pregnancy test in your second trimester will it still be positive?

Yes a pregnancy test will continue to be positive until after the baby is born.

If you have sex 3 days before your due can you still take a pregnancy test if you dont come on at your usual due date?

No. You have to wait at least 14 days after having unprotected sex for a home pregnancy test to be reliable.

If your period came on time but you are having signs of pregnancy how long should you wait to take a home pregnancy test?

If you have your period, you shouldn't be pregnant. However, the pregnancy signs that you may be having could be signs of another problem. Or if you want to be pregnant, this can alter your way of ... Read More »