Can a video game make you sick?

Answer On One Hand: No Contained DiseaseThe physical handling of a video game or its components, unless contaminated by an outside source, will not make you sick. Neither the console nor control emit any ... Read More »

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How to Make Video Game Box Art?

A signifcant portion of the video game market is used game sales. While this is a more affordable alternative to paying full retail price, many times consumers will end up with damaged or missing b... Read More »

How do you make a video game for the PS2?

Video games have become big business these days, making more money then just about any form of entertainment out there. With a great concept, a bit of luck and the right connections, you can make y... Read More »

How to Make a Simple PC Video Game?

Video games. The main point of most homes around the world - some people often have a room just for gaming! If you like video games, why don't you make a simple one to begin with? This article will... Read More »

How to Make Video Game Music?

So, you want to make your own video game music? That's great, because you can get EXACTLY the kind of moods, genres, sound effects, and voice overs you need. But how does one make music for video g... Read More »