Can a video game make you sick?

Answer On One Hand: No Contained DiseaseThe physical handling of a video game or its components, unless contaminated by an outside source, will not make you sick. Neither the console nor control emit any ... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Video Game?

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How to Make Video Game Box Art?

A signifcant portion of the video game market is used game sales. While this is a more affordable alternative to paying full retail price, many times consumers will end up with damaged or missing b... Read More »

How to Make Your Own RPG Video Game?

As media technology has advanced, new methods of telling stories have emerged. The role-playing game, or RPG, can be considered the video game version of an epic poem. Players follow the course of ... Read More »

How to Make a Video Game With Cmd?

Here is a free, easy, no-download way to make a video game. You will learn a little bit about batch programming in the process. You'll need to supply your own story to go with this game.