Can a very dusty&dirty computer cause problems?

Answer On One Hand: Dust and Dirt Cause HeatDust and dirt are not so much the problem for a computer as what they cause: higher internal temperatures. Cooling fans and other computer vents will suck dust ... Read More »

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How to Do Computer Maintenance and Reduce Computer Problems?

It is not rocket science and you don't have to be an IT professional to keep your PC in good shape. Any computer user can follow the guidelines I have mentioned below, and can reduce their PC probl... Read More »

HELP i have computer problems?

Computer problems hw help?

1 b. microprocessor2 b. A smaller system that can be more easily controlled is developed to meet the highest-priority requirements.3 d. All of these 4. c. Results can be ambiguous. 5. d. filter.

Top 10 Computer Problems?

Ask any two technological experts what they believe are the most common computer problems faced by people at home, and each will have a different list. Software and hardware issues are legion, and ... Read More »