Can a very dusty&dirty computer cause problems?

Answer On One Hand: Dust and Dirt Cause HeatDust and dirt are not so much the problem for a computer as what they cause: higher internal temperatures. Cooling fans and other computer vents will suck dust ... Read More »

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Would high blood pressure meds at very low does cause sexual problems?

Hypertensive medications can cause sexual problems (Impotence/ Erectile dysfunction).Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) associated with the use of beta blockers include: nausea, diarrhea, bronchospasm, ... Read More »

Can a virus cause computer problems?

A virus can cause computer problems, according to one of the leading software manufacturers, Microsoft. A computer virus, which is a software program that spreads throughout computers and networks ... Read More »

Can a dirty computer cause problems?

On One Hand: Dust and Dirt Affect Computer FunctionalityDirty computers and filthy computer peripherals can cause problems for users. Dirt and dust often collect around vents and on the central pro... Read More »

Can skype cause computer problems?

On One Hand: Skype Taxes System ResourcesSkype relies on a global peer-to-peer network to connect users to make video-enabled phone calls without cost. To accomplish the transmission of high-bandwi... Read More »