Can a vegetarian eat the eggs from a fish, if the fish is unharmed?

Answer yes

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Becoming a vegetarian can I still eat SMALL portions of fish, milk and eggs?

Most vegetarians continue to eat both eggs and dairy products. No vegetarian eats fish, in any amount.

Does a vegetarian still eat fish?

It amazes me how many people are clueless on this. It is not totally their fault because there is a lot of bunk information, but it is still terribly annoying none the less.Sorry, but vegetarians ... Read More »

Does anyone eat fish but still consider themselves vegetarian?

This is a bit common, I've found. I don't eat meat but I eat fish. When people call me a vegetarian, I correct them and tell them I'm actually a pescatarian. Surprisingly, people often don't know t... Read More »

If you eat fish are you still a vegetarian?

if you eat fish, you're not a vegetarian. However, it's a good first step.