Can a vasovagal reaction happen one hour after a cardiac catheterization?

Answer On One Hand: Causes of Vasovagal ReactionAccording to Mayo Clinic, a vasovagal reaction (also called fainting or syncope) occurs when your heartbeat slows and blood pressure drops, causing decrease... Read More »

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Is Coca Cola drinkable after adding mint to it and letting the reaction happen?

Yes, it's harmless, although it might taste weird.

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After downloading the Sims 3, My computer Shuts Down after an hour of playing. Why?

Since you did not state what your computer is, nor the OS, version and update level, nor whether the downloads were from a reputable site, we can only give a generic answer.The install was either b... Read More »

Does anyone at ESPN know who the stlouis cardinals are your coverage of them is awful i guarantee if the Yankees batboy had a hang nail ESPN would cover that hour after hour?

She is currently 32 years old (she was born on May 4, 1978).