Can a used copy of Windows XP be used on my new computer?

Answer Windows XP can be installed on as many computers as you own; however, it can only be activated on three computers at a time. If you do not activate Windows, the operating system will stop working a... Read More »

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How to Copy Files From a Computer Running Windows 3.1?

Windows 3.1 is the version of the operating system that came out right before Windows 95. The user interface is different and the computer does not have any of the more sophisticated CD/DVD drives ... Read More »

If I transfer my hard drive to a new computer will I need to get a new copy of Windows?

No, your copy of Windows 7 is tied down to the hard drive.DISREGARD ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MAJOR EDIT: My bad, I didn't read your question properly. Yes, you will have to get a new copy of w... Read More »

How to Copy "World of Warcraft" Patches to a Computer With Windows 7?

Blizzard Entertainment periodically releases patches for "World of Warcraft" that must be downloaded and installed to your computer to avoid a disruption of game play. These patches add new feature... Read More »

How do I copy files from a Unix computer to a Windows flash drive?

Mount the Flash DriveYou will need root or superuser privileges to complete this task. Insert the Windows-compatible flash drive into a USB port. In a terminal window or at the command line, type "... Read More »