Can a usb cord mess up a computer?

Answer No, a USB cable will not harm a computer.

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If I unplug cable cord between wall & modem & switch to longer cord, will it mess anything up?

You should not have any problems. If you do reboot, both your modem and pc and it will fix all. Good luck

My computer is messed up from some virus, shouldnt it be against the law for someone to mess up my computer?

It is against the law... The problem is in finding the criminals...

Is the power cord for the PlayStation 3 the same as a computer power cord?

The PlayStation 3 power cable requires a three-prong adapter that is similar to those required for most personal computers and some printers. This power cable is interchangeable with these systems... Read More »

Can your computer mess up if it has a lot of dust in the CPU?

Yeah it makes cpu overheat, you can clean it with airduster.