Can a unwed father get custody of his son in Florida?

Answer Yes he can. We went through a case recently with my fiance (who was never married to his son's mother) and he got custody of the child. The mother has to be proven to be unfit just as if the father... Read More »

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Child Custody Laws for an Unwed Mother in Florida?

When an unmarried couple have a child together in the state of Florida, the mother retains legal custody of that child until paternity is established. Once the father of the child is legally determ... Read More »

In Texas Does unwed mothers have sole custody if father is in jail?

It depends on whether the case has ever been adjudicated in family court. If paternity has never been established the mother has sole custody. If paternity was established and the father was grante... Read More »

Can an unwed father who has never paid child support and has not been in the child's life get custody?

That would be very unlikely since he has not yet established paternity and so he has no parental rights. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most stat... Read More »

If an unwed mother dies during labor does biological father get custody of baby?