Can a unborn baby get mad?

Answer The nature of the question requires a theoretical answer because no research has been done on foetal emotions. It is common belief however, that the baby in the womb does indeed have normal similar... Read More »

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Can you get rid of a unborn baby underage?

Yes, most black babies are born with white skin. Some are born completely black however most of them lack the melanin pigment development initially. Within a few months, this pigment develops while... Read More »

Can the flu kill a unborn baby?

it depends if the baby is going to be born premature bet if its just a headache or a blocked nose it wont kill it but a more serious flu will at least disable it

How to kill a unborn baby?

By having an abortion at the doctor by either using pills or a surgical abortion.

How do I care for an unborn baby?

Prenatal HealthcareGet prentatal care as soon as you find out you're pregnant. Contact your OB/GYN and set up an appointment. Attend all of your appointments so the doctor can continue to monitor t... Read More »