Can a type 2 diabetic drink beer?

Answer On One Hand: Alcohol Can Cause ProblemsDiabetics often take medicine to lower their blood glucose levels. Alcohol, including beer, even further lowers blood glucose, and does so for as long as 12 h... Read More »

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I'm a new Diabetic type 2 whats the best soft drink to have when i go out?

best is plain water. soda try diet rite, no carbs like most diet soda , but also no sodium (salt) , no caffeine. be careful of the word "diet" in sodo , not all diet soda or drinks are sugar-free ... Read More »

I have type 2 diabetes should i drink beer?

My husband is type 2 diabetic, the doctor told him he can have "light" beer now and then, he said its half the fat half the sugar, I would check with your doctor.

What type of beer does Rizzoli drink in Rizzoli and Isles?

Is it ok for a diabetic to eat potatoes Type 2 diabetic?

When it comes to diabetes, there is no one size fits all answer. What works for one diabetic may not work for the next.Best thing to do is for you to get a blood glucose meter if you do not have on... Read More »