Is the giblet bag supposed to balloon out of the turkey, like a football, before the turkey is done cooking?

Answer Yes, that's right. Now lower that thing back into the deep frier, and crack open another of Milwalkee's best.Happy Thanksgiving! On a side note, I am gravely disappointed with Matt Stafford's perfo... Read More »

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What size turkey roasting pan do you need for a 24 lb. turkey?

A pan large enough to cook a 24-pound turkey should be 21 inches in length, 14 inches in width and have a height of 8 and a half inches. When purchasing a turkey roaster, many roasters will give y... Read More »

What do you put on your turkey sandwich, besides turkey?

mayo lettuce and tomato. Old fashioned and simple i guess but I love it

Ham VS. turkey?

How big is a turkey leg?

An average, uncooked turkey leg weighs about 349 grams, or 12.3 ounces, without the weight of the bone included. The same turkey drumstick weighs about 245 grams, or 8.6 ounces, after it is roasted... Read More »