Can a trust be the owner of an S corporation?

Answer S-Corporation ownership is not limited to individuals. Section 1361(d)(3) defines the requirements for trust's that hold stock in an S-Corporation. These types of trusts are referred to as QSST's o... Read More »

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Can a trust be a shareholder for an s corporation?

There are specific rules regarding who is allowed to hold S corporation shares. The only three types of trusts that may hold S corporation stock are grantor trusts, qualified subchapter S trusts (Q... Read More »

Is a Corporation Assignment Deed of Trust Legal in Florida?

When a lender makes a loan, there are always two documents involved: a promissory note and a security document for the note. The promissory note is the form that explains what the terms of the loan... Read More »

Who is the owner in a revocable trust?

The grantor is the owner of the assets or estate in a revocable trust. A revocable, or living, trust allows the grantor to maintain the option of dissolving or changing the terms of the trust and a... Read More »

Can a trust be the owner of a 529 plan?

According to the Morningstar Advisor, a trust designated to make discretionary disbursements for education expenses may open a 529 plan for an someone. The trust is not permitted to be the benefici... Read More »