Can a true animal lover eat meat?

Answer Unless love is half-hearted and selfish, if we love something we would want what is best for them.

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Are you a true animal lover if you eat meat?

I don't think eating has much to do with loving animals or not. We may be technologically advanced but due to the speed (or lack of) when it comes to evolving, we're still very much in the cave. Ea... Read More »

Meat or veggie lover?

I'm a carnivore. Why am I in the vegetarian and vegan section?, don't know, I'm not here to troll though.

How to Be an Animal Lover?

As you know, animal lovers are pretty awesome and well-liked, and helping out with animals is a great way to meet nice people. These are some of the many ways of how to be an animal lover. This cou... Read More »

How to Be an Animal Lover and Expert?

Do you love animals, and would like to become an expert on them? This guide will help you think about what steps you can take to learn all about animal life.