Can a trojan TR/Packed 26678 be removed from a download?

Answer HiDownload AVAST .. It is Free and we use it as programmers when we program in case their are trojans or virus when we exchange data. This is the only software you will ever need and it does not sl... Read More »

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Where can i get a free download program for trojan removal at no cost which scans and removes trojan?

Any antivirus software can remove trojans , but for removing some trojans you have to follow some instructions given on the antivirus company's website

McAfee just removed a Trojan. ?

Looks like McAfee is actually doing its job correctly to protect your computer. If it found the trojan virus and deleted it, you should be fine... HOWEVER, it might be a great idea to go ahead and ... Read More »

My usb got infected by a virus trojan horse. how will this be removed?

You mean your usb flash drive. you need to use a computer that has a good antivirus software on it like norton (2005 onwards) that has been recently updated. Plug the flash drive into the pc, if au... Read More »

What would happen if I removed internet explorer to get rid of a web browser Trojan virus?

First of all, before doing anything, read this previous Yahoo Answers thread about uninstalling Internet Explorer 7 that had over a dozen replies. My answer was chosen as the best in that thread a... Read More »