Can a traffic warrant follow your new license plates?

Answer Warrants issued for a traffic offense are tied to the name of an individual, not simply his license plates. Even a traffic stop outside of the state that issued the warrant will result in an arrest... Read More »

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What is a traffic warrant?

A traffic warrant is a type of arrest warrant. A traffic warrant may be issued when a person doesn't pay traffic fines, fails to appear at a required court date regarding a traffic offense or fail... Read More »

How to Get a Driver's License & License Plates in Arizona?

Arizona law requires a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and current-year vehicle registration for any person operating a motorized vehicle on Arizona public roadways. New Arizona resident... Read More »

Can the police search your trunk without a warrant during a traffic stop?

Cars are generally exempt from the need of a warrant due to their mobile nature. The Fourth Amendment, however, does protect against unreasonable search and seizure. A police officer must have prob... Read More »

What coating renders number plates invisible to traffic cameras?

This urban legend was tested on the TV show "Mythbusters" and none of the multiple methods they tried were successful.