Can a traffic warrant follow your new license plates?

Answer Warrants issued for a traffic offense are tied to the name of an individual, not simply his license plates. Even a traffic stop outside of the state that issued the warrant will result in an arrest... Read More »

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Can the police search your trunk without a warrant during a traffic stop?

Cars are generally exempt from the need of a warrant due to their mobile nature. The Fourth Amendment, however, does protect against unreasonable search and seizure. A police officer must have prob... Read More »

How long after moving to a new state do you have to change your license plates?

Each state has individual laws about the amount of time that new residents are allowed before obtaining a state license plate. In most states, the time allowed is 30 days, but some states may give ... Read More »

Why is it important to follow the rules and restrictions on your provisional license in California?

California requires all minor's wishing to obtain a driver's license take part in the graduated license program. After receiving a permit, teens get a provisional license once they pass a road exam... Read More »

Do you still get points on your license if you do traffic school in Kentucky?

According to the Kentucky Division of Driver Licensing, attending traffic school for a violation will cancel the points from that violation. However, traffic school referrals are only given for min... Read More »