Can a traffic accident cause loss of knee cartilage?

Answer Knee cartilage can be softened or torn off by a direct blow to the knee, such as in a traffic accident. A typical injury of this nature tears off a small piece of cartilage, or a piece with a fragm... Read More »

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Has anyone had keyhole surgery on cartilage in knee?

Hello,Sorry about your knee! When you say keyhole surgery (also known as arthroscopic surgery) for cartilage, do you mean the meniscus? Meniscus tears are commonly referred to as torn cartilage.If ... Read More »

Traffic accident help?

That is called a protected turn lane. When you are crossing across lanes of traffic, and you have an traffic light indicating an arrow, that implies that the other direction of travel is stopped. ... Read More »

When Was the First Traffic Accident?

The first traffic or automobile accident occurred in France in 1771. A steam-powered vehicle designed by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot and built by M. Brezin went out of control and hit a wall.Source:Gocur... Read More »

Where was the first recorded traffic accident?

The first car accident occurred in 1891 in Ohio City, Ohio. According to Ohio History Central, the vehicle involved was a "single-cylinder gasoline automobile." The driver, James Williams Lambert,... Read More »