Can a traditional ira be redesignated to a roth ira when a spouse dies?

Answer The beneficiary spouse can convert an IRA to a Roth, although there are some limitations with limitations outlined by the IRS. Find a link to that information in the Resources section of this artic... Read More »

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Can a Traditional IRA Be Redesignated to a Roth IRA When a Spouse Dies?

If you inherit a traditional IRA from your spouse, you may find that the tax benefits of the traditional IRA no longer suit your needs. In addition, the 2010 waiver of the Adjusted Gross Income lim... Read More »

Traditional Vs. Roth Vs. SEP IRA?

Individual Retirement Accounts are savings accounts for you to use during your retirement. Three of the most common IRAs are Traditional, Roth and SEP, each with varying benefits for you and your d... Read More »

The Decision for a Traditional IRA Vs. a Roth IRA?

Opening an individual retirement account, or IRA, can be a smart way to save for your retirement. When you open an account, you have a choice of a traditional IRA, which provides a tax break up fro... Read More »

Can I recharacterize a traditional IRA as a Roth IRA?

On One Hand: You Can Roll Over a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRAYou could take out money from your traditional IRA and put it into a Roth IRA but not without incurring tax penalties. Traditional IRAs... Read More »