Can a torn meniscus repair on it's own or do you need surgery to repair in?

Answer The meniscus will not heal on its own and does need surgery to be repaired. Often though, people have little to no pain or problems with a tear in the meniscus and thus do not require surgery. If y... Read More »

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Torn meniscus surgery?

Hi Alex,I've had surgery for a torn meniscus twice now in the last three months. The surgeon might remove some of the tear. Meniscus tears can either be removed or repaired. Only the outer one-thir... Read More »

How to Repair a Torn Convertible Top?

A convertible is a great way to enjoy the open road. It's also a hard thing to maintain. Convertible tops will tear because they are opened and closed so frequently. When you have a rip in your con... Read More »

How to Repair a Torn Fingernail?

To avoid nail breakage, moisturize your nails and use gloves when you're washing dishes or gardening. Here's how you can fix those unavoidable nail snafus. Does this Spark an idea?

How do I repair torn linoleum?

Clean the AreaUse a slightly damp cloth to clean around and inside the tear. If it's coming up off the floor significantly, lift it enough to get the corner of the rag underneath. Blow away any dus... Read More »