Can a tomato plant pollinate by itself?

Answer No, tomatoes cannot pollinate unaided. They require the help of wind or pollinators to successfully reproduce. Domestic varieties of tomato can, however, self-pollinate to the degree that a second ... Read More »

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How do I pollinate tomato plants?

Gently shake the plants branches of the tomato plants to move pollen from the flower's low anthers to the sticky, protruding stigma. Vibration may not be enough to move the pollen from flower to fl... Read More »

Do worker bees pollinate tomato plants?

Worker bees are the ones responsible for pollinating plants. However, tomato flowers have both male and female organs and are self-pollinating. Most tomato flowers are pollinated by the wind causin... Read More »

How to Pollinate a Pumpkin Plant?

Birds do it and bees do it -- but bees also help all kinds of plants do it too. If bees are scarce in your neighborhood, whether honeybees or native bees, plant pollination will be incomplete. That... Read More »

Ive just found a red tomato on my tomato plant should I have it for my breakfast?