Can a tomato grow in sand?

Answer Tomatoes can grow in sandy soil, but not sand. If the soil does not provide adequate drainage, the tomato plant roots will not survive. Till soil 6 to 8 inches deep before planting and add organic ... Read More »

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Do radishes grow in sand?

yes, they do, i did an experiment on it, and they do.

Will Sod Grow on Top of Sand?

Growing a lawn from sod can be a quickly rewarding endeavor. Homeowners and housing developers alike appreciate the ability to instantly create a green lawn from bare ground. A sod turf lawn grows ... Read More »

Can plants grow in sand?

sand, rocks, gravel, and saw dustwhich is best for growing a plant?list them from best to worstEDIT (by user tanglewest):If you want an answer to the question, yes, plants can grow in almost anythi... Read More »

What herbs grow in the sand?

Answer Any plant will grow in the sand if it is watered (mechanically, if need be) according to the plants needs.If you mean "what herbs grow in the sand naturally?" .... I have seen Datura aka ji... Read More »