Can a thyroid problem lead to death?

Answer On One Hand: Thyroid Problems Can Lead to DeathBoth hypothyroidism (low thyroid production) and hyperthyroidism (high thyroid production) are potentially fatal. People with untreated hypothyroidism... Read More »

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Could I still have a thyroid problem if the thyroid levels are normal?

On One Hand: Thyroid Tests Are Not SubjectiveThyroid problems are a common issue among many people, especially as they age. A doctor who suspects thyroid problems will typically order a simple bloo... Read More »

What is death % of thyroid cancer?

" the overall relative 5-year survival rate for thyroid cancer is 85% for females and 74% for males.[19]"85% of females are alive after 5 years... that is really really good

What is the average age of death for people with thyroid problems?

The most common thyroid conditions include hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. With treatment and regular medical care, persons with such a thyroid problem can expect to live a normal lifespan as s... Read More »

PLEASE HELP , is that can lead to throat , thyroid , esophageal , lung cancer?

The answer to your question is a big ;; NO Some people smoke ALL their life and never had cancer ITS TOTALLY false ; when they say you smoke ;; and you will have lung cancer