Can a throat culture detect pregnancy?

Answer No. Either blood or urine tests can be used.

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How to Detect Pregnancy in Your Female Dog?

Female dogs can become pregnant just as much as female humans can. Though, not all female dogs become pregnant. This article will teach you how to spot if your dog is pregnant or not.

Can pap smears detect pregnancy?

A Pap smear is not a pregnancy test. It is a vaginal swab test that is exclusively to looks for abnormal cells in the cervix that may indicate the presence of cervical cancer or other gynecological... Read More »

Do pap smears detect pregnancy?

Pap smears are not used to detect pregnancy. They're used to detect the presence of abnormal cervical cells. If you think you are pregnant, you'll need to have a urine or blood pregnancy test or ph... Read More »

Can a pap smear detect pregnancy?

Pap smears are used only to determine if unusual cells are on the cervix that can indicate viruses or cancer. A pap smear cannot detect pregnancy, although a woman can request a separate pregnancy ... Read More »