Can a thirteen year old safely sit in the front seat?

Answer That is determined by the size, and build of a person, but yes they can legally sit in the front.

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What age can a child safely ride in the front seat?

Usually a child should be 13 or older to ride in the front seat. If the child is too small then the front airbags can be dangerous and they may still need a booster seat. When they outgrow booster ... Read More »

Age for child to ride safely in front seat in VA?

you have to be 12 and have to be over 48 inches and have to be able to see over the dashboard

How tall should child be to safely sit in front seat with airbag?

When can a child sit safely in a front seat of a car with airbags in Colorado?

As far as I know, it is never illegal to ride in the front seat of a car, however, most auto manufacturers recommend the passenger being 13 years or older.