Can a third party photograph private property?

Answer Anyone may photograph anything that is in plain sight from a point where the person has a legal right to be.

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If you take a photograph of a structure such as Willis Tower from an abutting private lot can you sell the photograph?

Answer Well, just like anything else that a corporation owns they have the licensing rights to even a picture of the tower. So you may have to get their permission if your going to profit from the... Read More »

Can one party sue another if an auto accident was on private property and no police report was filed and no statements were signed admitting fault?

Answer You can sue, but it really will end up being a "he said" "she said" scenario and may end up that everyone has to pay for their own damages. Before you spend legal expenses, see if it is real... Read More »

Can the owner of a property with a tax lien sign the property over to a third party?

Once the Internal Revenue Service puts a tax lien on a property, the property owner can no longer transfer the property to another person. The owner needs a clear title before the property can be t... Read More »

Private Property Lease Agreements?

Private property lease agreements apply to houses or separate dwellings (as opposed to apartment units) that the landlord rents to a tenant. The use of the property as commercial or residential pur... Read More »