Can a ten year old babysit?

Answer yes but you will have to prove trustworthiness and care to the "costumer" but most people would advise adult supervision. Most places believe that you need to be 12 or 13 prior to being mature eno... Read More »

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Can a 16 year old babysit her 10 year old brother overnight?

This would vary from case to case. Based on things such as: how comfortable the parents feel about it, how mature the older sibling is, how mature the 10 year old is, and whether it is going to be ... Read More »

It is legal for a 13 year old to babysit an 8 year old in Kentucky?

You have to be at least 4-foot 9" to ride in the front seat of car. (in missouri.)

How to Babysit a 1 Year Old?

Oh, no! Mrs. Johnson from down the block asked you to babysit her 1-year-old daughter!!!!! This is about how to take care of her/him without messing it up.

Can An 11 Year Old BabySit In California?

I don't know the laws in CA, but common sense would say NO an 11 yr old is not capable of babysitting they are still babies themselves. In the state I live in a 11 year old can only be home during... Read More »