Can a television set be disposed of in a landfill?

Answer It is illegal in 11 states to dispose of television sets in a landfill. Televisions contain materials hazardous to the environment. Some state governments will charge a disposal fee. Check the disp... Read More »

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How is Fiberglass Disposed of?

Fiberglass is a form of plastic that is made by laying a type of mesh plastic down and coating it with resin. Some types of fiberglass are thick and hard, and are used for protective purposes or to... Read More »

Can semen be disposed off?

It's not bio hazardous, wipe it down, or have your girl friend do the job, take a shower and wash the sheets.

How Is Toxic Waste Disposed Of?

Any substance that is harmful to humans and the environment is classified as toxic. The most hazardous pollutants are treated chemically or biologically and disposed of in remote locations. Most to... Read More »

How Is the Waste From a Nuclear Power Plant Disposed?

Spent fuel from nuclear reactors includes many different elements. Some are not radioactive and pose no threat, while others are highly radioactive and will remain so for centuries or millennia to ... Read More »