Can a teen mom move out of her parents house without permission in Pennsylvania?

Answer Answeryes, in Pennsylvania once you become pregnant and are over the age of 15 you become an adult, if you don't want to stay, you don't have to. but i would check your county laws to see if they h... Read More »

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Can a teen mom move out of her parent's house without permission in the state of Kansas?

No a teenage mother can not leave her parents house , without their permission in the state of Kansas.

Can you move children out of state without permission of biological father in Pennsylvania?

Can a pregnant 17-year-old girl in Arkansas get married and move in with her boyfriend without her parents' permission?

Answer The 17 year old is still a minor, but has stepped into adulthood once pregnant. If allowed to be married in the state of Arkansas, yes her and her husband can make their own decision. Mora... Read More »

What can a girl do if she is almost 17 and lives with her dad in Illinois and her mom lives in Pennsylvania and has full custody and can mother give child permission to move out of the house at 17?

Answer Please go on: IN: What age is a minor in PennsylvaniaIf you are no longer a minor in that State then you can come and go as you please and don't require either parent's ... Read More »