Can a teen go to school while they stay in a group home?

Answer There is no legal bar, but it is unlikely that any public adoption agency would support your application. Many 18 year old people are unable to care for themselves so without some very special cir... Read More »

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Should a teen mom stay at home or get married and try to live on her own while she's in college concering money issues?

Answer STAY HOME!!!, College challenges are hard enough with having the perfect living environment. You need the support infrastructure to succeed in college. You need the support of your family an... Read More »

In LA what is the legal age a teen can stay home alone overnight?

How to Help a Teen Keep a Job While in School?

As teens, we all want one thing: Money. When chores and babysitting don't cut it for us, we start to apply for real jobs. How can we keep these jobs and still keep our grades? With some effort, you... Read More »

What products can locate my car while my teen is driving it and how much do they cost?

FoxTrax can track your car for 85$, plus $15 per month.