Can a tapeworm effect a pregnant woman?

Answer A tapeworm can be very dangerous to a pregnant woman. The bacteria from the worm can get to the baby. Consult your doctor about the best ways to handle this without hurting the baby.

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What effect will aspirin have on a pregnant woman?

No, ibuprofen is perfectly safe for you and your baby during pregnancy and even afterwards, as long as you follow the directions on the packaging. Think, what does the hospital give babies when the... Read More »

Does malunggay has side effect to a pregnant woman?

Malunggay, known as a "miracle tree" by scientists and health care workers is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can be an effective remedy against many kinds of ailments. It helps increase br... Read More »

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Does every pregnant woman's basal body temperature go up or is this just one thing that can happen while pregnant?

Answer It is standard. Your basal temperature initially lowers to indicate you are ovulating. A spike in temperature during the middle of your cycle indicates that you have finished ovulating.When ... Read More »