Can a tampon get me pregnant?

Answer It may form babby.

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Is it safe to use a tampon if you are spotting while you are pregnant?

Answer Yes, unless the doctor says not to. Just treat it the same way you would during a period and be sure to change it often. I, personally, wouldn't suggest it because your body needs to get rid... Read More »

Which one should i use pad or tampon!?

tampon. a pad will fill up and be very uncomfortable- may even come off. a tampon is easy to use, easy to hide, and comfortable! have fun!

How to get my tampon out):?

If the string is still there, then you should be able to. Just get it wet by taking a bath and slowly ease it out, since this is your first time, and you're not used to taking them out. Squat and s... Read More »

I had sex with my tampon in and now i cant get it out...?

The guy didn't notice this? He must be kind of small. That is disgusting.