Can a student loan be used for off-campus housing?

Answer No and yes. No, because your student loans go to the school first. So your land lord will not directly get the rent. So be prepared to pay your rent on time with something else.Yes, if you decide t... Read More »

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Which is the best loan company Astrive, Campus Door or Chase Student Loans?

Can you take out a student loan for housing in college?

Many people don't even want to consider student loans for college, but you may want to look into Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans (just Google for information, or your college financial ai... Read More »

On-campus versus off-campus housing?

the dorms is the way to go. its cheaper. you're on campus. its easier. no worries about paying bills, no worries about food shopping, no worries about communting to campus and finding a spot etcI d... Read More »

Can I get a student loan for living expenses if I am not living on campus?

depending on where you live, you may get some financial aid to pay for your expenses