Can a stolen desktop computer be traced during use?

Answer There are software programs that, once installed on your computer, will give a user access to the technology to track the location of a stolen computer using IP addresses and nearby routers. Howev... Read More »

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Can a stolen laptop be traced?

A stolen laptop is very hard to track using conventional means, looking for it yourself. However, companies like Absolute Software Corporation do provide services for laptops that allow it to be tr... Read More »

Can a stolen cell phone be traced?

A stolen cell phone can be traced through cellular tower triangulation or through the phone's internal GPS receiver (if applicable). Additionally, applications are available for some mobile phones ... Read More »

I bought a stolen computer, I did n't know it was stolen?

I would report it to the police. It might be more trouble than it's worth thought...years of court cases...yugh!The best would be to report it and the police may confiscate it, but you probably wo... Read More »

How to acess a computer to which has been stolen?

If it was DELL you could simply trace it IF notyou need its mac address to trace it