Can a stolen cell phone be traced?

Answer A stolen cell phone can be traced through cellular tower triangulation or through the phone's internal GPS receiver (if applicable). Additionally, applications are available for some mobile phones ... Read More »

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Can cell phone texts be traced?

Cell phone texts can easily be traced. Each text someone sends or receives is saved, at least for a while, by wireless service providers. The tracing and retrieval of cell phone texts has even been... Read More »

How do you keep your cell phone from not getting stolen?

Your best option is to either get a case with a clip or keep it in your pocket as close to you as possible. Something else you might want to do is enable the security features on your phone (look ... Read More »

Can a stolen laptop be traced?

A stolen laptop is very hard to track using conventional means, looking for it yourself. However, companies like Absolute Software Corporation do provide services for laptops that allow it to be tr... Read More »

Lost or stolen Cell phone?

You need to specify what kind of phone it is. With iPhone, you can go to to find the location of your iPod, if it is an Android, then I would look it up in Google. There IS an app out th... Read More »