Can a stepparent take out a life insurance policy on an 18-year-old stepchild?

Answer Yes, a stepparent can insure the life of an 18-year-old stepchild if he or she has the consent and participation of the stepchild. The stepparent must also be able to prove that he or she will be a... Read More »

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Do you have a stepparent/stepchild?

Yes.She was 18 when I married my wife, but she lived with me for 2 years prior to that.She see's me as her and her family's supplemental income, so it's not the best relationship in the world.That'... Read More »

How much does the policy increase for Petplan insurance after the first year for life coverage of a new kitten?

I'm not sure how much your kitten policy would increase, but my 2 policies for my dogs just went up 20.63% in the second year!! Obviously, I'm going to have to look for new insurance. I feel scammed.

Where do I go to find the status of an old policy with long star life insurance company if I have the policy?

Does a 15 and a half year old with a learners permit need his own insurance policy or is he covered under the parents policy?

Answer He is covered under his parents' policy until he gets his own car and license.