Can a stepfather place children on his medical policy when he is not the legal guardian or parent of the children?

Answer Answer Probably. Is he married to the Mother? Check with your specific insurance company.

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Who is next of kin to minor children of divorced parents if legal guardian is in an accident or something of that manor?

You need to add more details. The parents are divorced. The child has a "legal guardian" rather than being in custody of the custodial parent. The child may have another living parent. The court wo... Read More »

Are you still a parent if you have no legal rights to your children?

A parent is the biological or legally adoptive mother or father. If you have lost custody of your child you are still the child's parent in that sense. If you have allowed your child to be legally ... Read More »

Up to what age can children in Illinois be claimed on a parent's insurance policy?

In Illinois, parents may keep their dependent children on their health insurance policy up to age 26 or up to age 30 for military veteran dependents. Typically, married children cannot be placed on... Read More »

In the state of Michigan would a court approve a non custodial parent to care for the children after school for a couple of hours until custodial parent arrives home in place of a sitter?

Answer Permission from the court would not be required. The court does not become involved in things such as childcare providers, schools, religion, etc. such issues are hopefully decided amicably... Read More »