Can a step parent get custody of the children after divorce?

Answer Depends on the circumstances. Legally step parents don't have any right to the step children. Speak to your lawyer about your chances.

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Can the step parent take custody a step child in a divorce?

Will it help your custody case if you can prove that your children's new step-parent has a history of violent abuse?

Answer Yes!Perhaps, if the incidents have been documented by authorities. Regardless it should be brought to the attention of the court if and only if it is a valid accusation.

Can adoption be set aside if divorce is filed less than one year after adoption by step parent who adopted spouses children?

Answer yesedited:NO! It can't. Adoption is permanent. The children have lost their birth certificates and had them sealed by the state now due to the finalization of the adoption. You took on paren... Read More »

If both parents have 5050 custody of children what happens if one parent becomes incarcerated does that parent lose their custody?