Can a stale dated check be cashed?

Answer Each financial institution has its own policy regarding stale dated checks or those that are more than six months old based upon the date written at the top. Under the United States Uniform Commerc... Read More »

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When does a personal check become stale dated?

According to the Uniform Commercial Code 4-404, a bank is under no obligation to pay a non-certified check presented six months after its issue. At that point, the check becomes stale dated. At its... Read More »

Can pre-dated checks be cashed?

Technically they can be cashed; however, banks can and may refuse to cash pre-dated checks. According to the Uniform Commercial Code, a bank will take a check regardless of the date.Source:Free For... Read More »

When are checks stale dated?

A check is stale dated six months from the date listed on the check, states Section 4-404 of the Uniform Commercial Code. However, banks can accept checks after six months if the bank believes the ... Read More »

Can a tax return check be cashed right away?

According to Regulation CC, your bank must make funds supplied by IRS refund check available the next day banking day, after deposit and may cash the check according to their check-cashing policy. ... Read More »