Can a son sign his father's name on a credit card purchase?

Answer On One Hand: Not Legally.Only authorized signers on a credit card account can sign for transactions made with that card. Even though the son is closely related to the father, it's technically fraud... Read More »

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If the fathers name was never on the birth certificate can the mother change the minors children's last name to their step fathers name without the biological fathers approval in North Carolina?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

Should All Fathers Sign the Utah Putative Fathers Registry?

The trouble with Utah is that Utah is the Church, and the Church is Utah. Incestuous? You betcha.The Church is affiliated with the agency that is creating all these problems.The Church HATES bad ... Read More »

Credit Card Purchase Protection Law?

Consumers appreciate the convenience and flexibility of using credit cards, but those benefits come with risks and vulnerabilities. You may find that someone has used your personal account informat... Read More »

Can you purchase a vehicle with a credit card?

Some dealers allow vehicles to be purchased with credit cards and some do not. Some dealers impose a limit on the amount of money charged to a credit card because of the fees credit card companies ... Read More »