Can a small possible wrist fracture be safely treated at home?

Answer Besides large animals and machines trying to kill me I was an active barroom brawler much of my life.Many of my injuries, especially to my hands went untreated not because of money but because toug... Read More »

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Can a buckle fracture of the wrist cause damage to the growth plate in the wrist?

Hairline fracture in wrist?

It does sound like a hair line fracture to me. Often with fractures, surrounding muscles can be stretched or even torn (especially if you twisted a certain way). It's up to you if you would want to... Read More »

How to treat a hairline fracture of the wrist?

A hairline fracture of the wrist will not always need to be immobilized. If there is no displacement of the bones, the wrist will heal perfectly without casting. You may find greater comfort using ... Read More »

Removal of a Fixator & Wrist Fracture?

If you fracture your wrist, your doctor could recommend an external fixation device. This device provides stabilization to the broken bones to ensure that they heal together correctly.