Can a sixteen year old get a legal order to stay with one or the other parent?

Answer If you are the 16 year old, You would need to call a local lawyer for advice out of the yellow pages, you might need to call several to get free info. and communicate a prepared intelligent and vol... Read More »

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If a biological parent left at a young age and the mother remarried and a sixteen year old wish to contact the biological parent can they be stopped?

the kid, no, he has the right to contact his true parent. it's the law now.

Is it legal for a sixteen year old girl to date a twenty one year old boy in Alabama?

no. unless there is an age of consent in Alabama. I believe 16 is the cut off for that state. Check it out. but either way protect yourself. Wrap it up.

Can a sixteen year old girl choose which parent she wants to live with because one lets her do what she wants?

Answer No. First, as a juvenile until the legal age of 18, a child cannot choose which parent to live with. They can petition the court to be heard and they can have a parent work on their behal... Read More »

Can you be eighteen and be a legal guardian to a sixteen year old?

You could be a guadian to an under 16 year old maybe if you are classed as responsible enough but many different things are taken into account ie. housing that you live in, mental and physical stat... Read More »