Can a sibling sue for gifted money from parent?

Answer no

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If a sibling has his name on a surviving parents savings account does all of the money go to that sibling when the parent passes away?

If it is under his name, yes. But he may do whatever he wants with it.

Is one sibling predeceases a parent do their children get half or does the surviving sibling get all the inheritance?

That would depend on either (a) a will, or (b) state laws of intestacy, or (c) both of the above. Generally: A properly drafted will gives instructions in that situation by making the gift per st... Read More »

Do the younger sibling get more attention from the parent?

yes in my house yes in every single house in every single family

Can anything be done about a sibling that had a parent do a POD naming her as beneficiary if the parent has already died?

No he did not. I am one of his grand nieces. He had one daughter.