Can a sibling recover in a wrongful death suit?

Answer A wrongful death lawsuit makes a claim that someone died due to negligence, and that the death resulted in financial damage to the person bringing the suit. For instance, a wrongful death lawsuit m... Read More »

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How Do I File a Civil Suit for Wrongful Termination in Minnesota?

Minnesota is an "at-will" employment state, meaning you and your employer are both free to terminate your relationship without notice. If you have a contract, however, your employer can't break it ... Read More »

How much is a contingency fee for wrongful death cases?

For medical malpractice cases a lawyer's fee is limited to 33.3 percent for any decision of $150,000 or less, 25 percent for the next $850,000 and 20 percent for $1 million or more. If the wrongful... Read More »

Tax Implications on a Wrongful Death Settlement?

Wrongful death settlements can be awarded to the decedent's surviving relatives based upon compensation for physical injuries, emotional distress and punitive damages. Wrongful death settlements fo... Read More »

Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death in Illinois?

Illinois laws regarding wrongful death have existed on the state law books since at least the 1860s. This lengthy history also includes the relevant statute of limitations indicating how long someo... Read More »