Can a sibling have a will changed even if it is not in probate?

Answer I'm not an attorney. But if I'm reading the question correctly, the ONLY time a will can be changed is before it gets to probate. And it can be changed only by the testator, the one whose will it i... Read More »

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Can a sibling adopt an other sibling even if they are a felon?

What you can do be nice for your sister is mabe buy her a cake or buy her a present of what she really likes.

Why is the iphone not even an hd phone it does not even have 720p screen. why is that will it ever?

It is so small and watched far away enough so that it would not matter.

If a parent dies can sibling who has looked after them remain in the house even though a will has left the house to be shared between 2 siblings?

The Will will go into probate first. If a sibling chooses to live in the house then they would have to buy the house from the other siblings and if this is not possible then the house will be sold ... Read More »

Iso problems im finding these little crosses and ive changed threw every mode of iso on my camera i have the nikon d3000 and it even happens on auto?

Most DSLR's include a "Sports" shutter speed function. That's what i use so my images arern't blurry. Hope this helps!