Can a shrimp plant be planted indoors?

Answer The shrimp plant, a low-maintenance plant, can be planted indoors and blooms almost year-round. Place the shrimp plant in a bright growing location, with moist soil and high humidity. Room temperat... Read More »

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How do I plant carrots indoors?

PreparationChoose a small variety of carrot for indoor growing to use space efficiently. Miniature or baby carrot types include "Thumbelina," "Little Finger" and "Parmex."Grow carrots in a large po... Read More »

How to Plant Rice Indoors?

Growing your own rice at home for an interesting project is easy to do and is a great lesson in learning about caring for food plants.

How to Plant Zucchini Indoors?

Also known as, summer squash, zucchini has a soft, edible outer skin. A member of the cucurbita family and close relative to the pumpkin, cucumber, gourd and melon, zucchini plants grows from seeds... Read More »

How do I plant seed indoors?

Poke several holes in the bottom of a container, with a thin nail, if it does not already have drainage holes. You may reuse a yogurt cup or other small food container or a store-purchased seeding ... Read More »