Can a shrimp plant be planted indoors?

Answer The shrimp plant, a low-maintenance plant, can be planted indoors and blooms almost year-round. Place the shrimp plant in a bright growing location, with moist soil and high humidity. Room temperat... Read More »

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Can newspaper pots be planted with the plant in the garden?

yes they can ,you also lay newspaper down for weed prevention which if you receive news paper in the mail and decide to toss it in your recycle bin this is the cheapest weed protection you can buy ... Read More »

How to Plant Zucchini Indoors?

Also known as, summer squash, zucchini has a soft, edible outer skin. A member of the cucurbita family and close relative to the pumpkin, cucumber, gourd and melon, zucchini plants grows from seeds... Read More »

How to Plant Rice Indoors?

Growing your own rice at home for an interesting project is easy to do and is a great lesson in learning about caring for food plants.

How to Plant Strawberries Indoors?

Your classic 'monster' strawberry plantPlant strawberries indoors in any season to keep them away from the cold. you use a real strawberry that you take the seeds off from, eat, then wait for your ... Read More »