Can a seventeen year old have an abortion without parents consent?

Answer in the UK she can _________________________That depends on where you live. In the united states each state has a different law. I would need to know where you live to look that data up. Go to plann... Read More »

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Can a seventeen year old move out without her parents consent if they are being abusive?

I think its a consideration, but the law wont approve it because you are still 17, they would consider you to be in a foster home. But then again, you are going to be 18, then its legal.

Do you need parents consent to go to the clinic and get abortion pills?

Answer Do you mean morning after pills? These are taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to attempt to prevent pregnancy. The abortion "pill" is used after pregnancy occurs, but I don't believe ... Read More »

Can a 13 year old have an abortion without parental consent in Pennsylvania?

Answer no. Under the age of 17, parental consent is required for the morning after pill also. Sometimes the doctor will mislead the parents and do a d and c and not tell them it is for pregnancy, ... Read More »

Can a 17-year-old obtain an abortion without parental consent in Michigan?

Answer Call your local county court house to find out. More Contributor Opinions Under Michigan law the minor and one parent or legal guardian must give written consent for an abortion to be perfo... Read More »