Can a second-generation iPod Nano play videos?

Answer The second-generation iPod Nano does not support video playback. However, users can sync and view photos on the device. The Nano did not begin supporting video playback until the third generation.S... Read More »

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Can second generation ipod nanos play music videos?

Sadly, no. The iPod second generation does not play music videos. And though, after fiddling around with mine, I found a category of "Music Videos" after clicking on the "Playlist" button. Hmm, I w... Read More »

How to Set an Alarm on a Second Generation iPod Nano?

To wake you up in the morning, your iPod can play any of your play lists or a simple set of beeps.

Can you download games for second generation ipod nano?

No, you can't download games to the second generation ipod nano because it doesn't have the software to play other games. But you can download games for the third generation ipod nano. Hope that he... Read More »

How to Put Videos on an iPod Nano First Generation?

The first generation iPod Nano was a revolutionary device that brought many of the prized features of the iPod and the iPod Mini in a newer, sleeker shell. This version of the iPod Nano was also ca... Read More »