Can a school nurse prescribe medication?

Answer A school nurse can prescribe medication only if she has completed graduate school and become a nurse practitioner. Most school nurses have an only associate's or bachelor's degree. Also, laws gover... Read More »

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Can a chiropractor prescribe medication?

Chiropractors are trained in specialized chiropractic schools, not medical schools. Although considered a professional degree, and requiring at least four years of schooling, and often more, it doe... Read More »

Do psychiatrists prescribe medication?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors. They prescribe treatment for mental illnesses, including medications and other therapies when appropriate. They may also refer patients for other types of counsel... Read More »

Can a clinical psychologist prescribe medication?

Some appropriately trained clinical psychologists in Louisiana and New Mexico can write limited prescriptions for certain medications. Clinical psychologists in any other state, no matter the train... Read More »

How do doctors decide which ADD medication to prescribe for you?

It is typically based on a combination of factors including the age of the person getting treatment, cost concerns, the doctor will also likely have certain medications he is more familiar with and... Read More »