Can a satellite splitter be used on a cable TV hookup?

Answer A satellite splitter works from 5 MHz to 2000 MHz. A cable splitter works from 5 MHz to 1000 MHz. Therefore you can use a satellite splitter on cable because the frequencies are within its range. B... Read More »

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Coax Satellite Cable split to two tv's (same picture is ok), can I use a splitter or do I need a switch?

A splitter will work fine, as long as you split the output of the box that goes to the tv. You can't split the input to the cable/satellite box. If the picture has noise or static in it after you... Read More »

Which is Better, a DVI Cable Hookup or HDMI Cable Hookup?

On One Hand: DVI is CheaperBecause the DVI protocol is slightly older than its successor, HDMI, DVI cables can often be less expensive than HDMI cables, which tend to run about $10 more. This is th... Read More »

What coaxial cable is used for satellite connections?

Satellite connections use radio guide, or RG, coaxial cable in three standard sizes, RG-59, RG-6 and RG-11. RG cable choices range from inexpensive cables with aluminum center conductors to precisi... Read More »

What is better for a TV hookup composite cable or component cable?

Component caries a better picture but you will need 2 extra cables for the audio.